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About us

Plastbud sp. z o.o specializes in high-tech processing of plastics. Most of our products are sold to the automotive industry (Fiat, VW, Daimler) and the office supplies sector. Meeting the requirements of the automotive industry not only turned our company into a competent partner in the supply of high quality products, but also gave rise to the development of logistics standards (just-in-time), which have since become our forte.

Continuous improvement of our production processes and organizational culture, as well as investments in our machinery stock have had a major impact on long-term cooperation with our clients and their decisions to entrust us their future projects. Recent investments in vertical injection molding machines allow us to offer overmolding of metal inserts, which is often impossible to execute using traditional technologies. Our services also include assembly of the finished product and processing of a wide range of injection molded components. The core of processed raw materials are: PA, PA66, POM, PS, ABS, PE, PP, PVC and other plastics with additives of talc or glass fiber.

A look back.


History of our company dates back to 1999, when we commenced the production of plastic components for the Fiat 600. In the following years, this resulted in expansion of our services by injection molding production of plastic parts. These projects were executed for John Deere, Mercedes Actros, Iveco GS 2000. 2004 was a breakthrough year, in which we commenced plastic injection of parts for the Fiat Panda project. That year, the company was granted the ISO 9001 certification, which confirmed improvement and stabilization of our production processes. In subsequent years, the company developed even further, thanks to the acquisition of new projects in 2007. The Ford Ka and Fiat 500 projects contributed to a significant increase in the quality of processes and prepared the company for new challenges. In the same year, the company expanded operations by offering its services to the office supplies industry, while consolidating its position and building an image of a reliable partner with vast experience.

Then, we began working with the haberdashery sector, where Plastbud was able to develop overmolding technology for polyester ribbons. In the following years, we developed new partnerships with clients in many other industries, such as machine assembly (i.e. production of protective windows for grinders).

At the same time, we were also implementing increasingly advanced projects, such as VW Caddy, Fiat 500L, Mercedes Sprinter and the Porsche Panamera, using our technology of overmolding metal inserts.

2016 the company Plastbud was certified acc. to automotive standard ISO/TS 16949.

Where we’re headed.

Plastbud’s development strategy is based on realization of the following objectives:

  1. Expanding client portfolio

  2. Maintaining and strengthening relationships with regular business partners.

We decided that the above-mentioned objectives can be realized based on the following principles:

  1. Focusing fully on the client, by meeting and exceeding their expectations,

  2. Increasing the knowledge, awareness and skills of company employees through effective training policy.

  3. Elimination of waste by implementing Lean Best Practices proven effective by other manufacturing companies.

  4. Effective incentive policies and focus on engagement and taking advantage of the potential of the company staff – taking care of the team.

Management based on the principle of economy at every level, regardless of the scale of the problem.